French Version Of Arcade Mania Goes Gold

Yes, we know, books don't actually go gold like video games do. But still, publisher Pix'N Love got back its French language version of Arcade Mania back from the printer.

Here are the Pix'N Love fellas checking out the book! Below, boozing it in celebration. Congrats, Pix'N Love! I'll definitely toss up some pics when I get my copy.

Working with Pix'N Love has been a pleasure — everyone on the Pix'N Love team is a class act.

Those interested in acquiring a copy of the French version, click here or check out more details in the embedded link.

Une journee avec Pix [Pix'N Love Editions]


    So, any Australian bookstores stocking this locally or will I have to special order it in?

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