Gears Of War 2 Fixes Coming

Gears of War 2 Title Update 4, and Epic's Rod "Redbeard" Fergusson has detailed over on the game's official boards just what to expect when they take the knife to the game.

For starters, you'll accrue multiplayer XP from playing Horde mode, and also be able to restart a public Horde match from the last wave you passed, rather than wave 1.

Also added (in preparation for the upcoming Dark Corners expansion) will be 13 new achievements, worth a total of 325 points. But, uh, you'll need Dark Corners to get them.

You can get the finer details over on Epic's boards.

Gears of War 2 Title Update 4 Detailed Release Notes [Epic]


    This game's multiplayer would be so goddamn awesome, if it wasnt for the ridiculously terrible matchmaking, and even that wouldnt be bad if you could search by low ping/locale like in Halo 3 or CoD:WaW, but start lanning this beast, and it rips up all other shooters!

    The game sucks end of. Bring back gears of war one.

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