Get Ready For The Next Generation Of PC Graphics

PC gamers may want to have some extra cash on-hand in a few month's time, because both AMD and Nvidia are expected to release the "next generation" of graphics chips later this year.

A report over on VentureBeat says that the debut of this "next gen" tech will be so important to both companies that "it's bound to drive the stock prices of the rivals involved either up or down through the rest of the year".

At the moment, AMD are tipped to have their new hardware on the market first, timed for release alongside Microsoft's new Windows 7. Nvidia, meanwhile, are keeping quiet on the release of their new chips, leading some to speculate that they've fallen behind a little with their design.

Both companies will be making extensive use of 40nm chips on their new cards, and both are expected to have support for DirectX 11 across their range within a year or so.

Graphics chip rivals race to deliver next-generation chips [VentureBeat]


    Hells yes they are. I'm puttin off my new PC until the new series of GPU ownage comes out :) Its painful as hell to have all the money sitting there begging to be annihilated on a computer...

    But hell, I learned from this box the pain of buying stuff JUST before something new and awesome (and in the case of this one, half the friggin price..) comes out. That pain lasts the life of the system! I shall not repeat my mistake!

    Oh for f***sake. Can't they just develop games for the chips we already have! - I've got a 9600GT atm, and by the looks of it, there isn't much point upgrading it again untill these fancy new next gen chips hit below £150.00....

      The games will still support older gfx card for years to come--just like last gen gfx cards are still very well supported by most games nowadays. Software side tends to move at slower pace than hardware side in this case.

      The good thing is, this will further drop the price on current gfx cards a lot. I'm really looking forward to Windows 7 launch now. I can already foresee so many bargains for my leap from XP.

    Wow to think we don't even really have any DX10 games aside from a few dodge ones. What will we do with DX 11 ? Buying the cards right now is a waste of money. We had DX9 for so long with tons of games using it to its core. Now DX 10 ? what maybe 3 or 4 games that actually uses the new features of DX 10. The rest are just DX 9 knock offs as debunked by many sites. Why should users fork out dollars for DX 11 when DX 10 was knocked off so fast with little titles for it.

    Save your money

    fantastic... i got a GTX 260 a while back thinking that this'll last for a good two years. thank you directX 11. thank you to hell

    This is why i'm not a PC Gamer. No disrespect. Just a lot of money if you want to be on top with hardware etc...

    Plus you need a lot of knowledge to know whats right & wrong. I'll stick with the easy route for now & have my 360 & PS3.

    Besides i have a Mac & who even develops for that these days unless it Sims? I don't even know how to set up Windows on it yet, AND i don't know if Windows games are able to be played that way on a mac?

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