Ghostbusters For Xbox 360 Is Region Free

European and sundry other PAL region Ghostbusters fans sent into a Walter Peck-style rage over the game's PlayStation exclusivity will be pleased to learn that the North American version of the Xbox 360 game is not region locked.

That's right. According to Destructoid, Atari has set free Ghostbusters: The Video Game from its region-specific encoding, which would allow our friends across the Atlantic a chance to play the game on the console of their choice. Well, as long as your console of choice is either an Xbox 360 or starts with the word PlayStation.

Good move.

Xbox 360 version of Ghostbusters not region locked [Destructoid]


    Disclaimer: People using Non-HD PAL TV sets may experience issues using an NTSC version of a game regardless of region locking.

    AWESOME!!!!!! Gonna import it tonight!!!!! :D :D :D

    Wow, who knew the free market worked?


    hahahaha noone cares about the wii version at all

    I doubt Sony is happy about this, considering they dropped money on exclusivity, but well played Atari!

    haha suck shit sony play-asia here i come lol :P

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