Got Game Bringing ArmA II Boxed Copies To North America

Developer Bohemia Interactive teams up with Got Game Entertainment to make sure all of us North Americans have the option to pick up ArmA II at retail next month.

While the sequel to the spiritual successor of the original Operation Flashpoint hits Steam this week, many of us still prefer the unique smell of a freshly opened game box, and Got Game Entertainment has us covered. July 7th marks the date we'll be able to purchase the game in stores, because North America is all important.

"North America is one of the most powerful and important markets in terms of a game's marketing and distribution," said Marek Spanel, Bohemia's CEO. Spanel continues "We were looking for responsible and credible partners who will focus on ARMA II with the kind of drive and enthusiasm that this huge project deserves. We feel Got Game Ent. will be the right partner for us and I believe together we will make ARMA II a success in North America."

He's probably just talking about Canada of course, but those of us in the U.S. are used to riding them coattails by now.

Kotaku AU Note: ArmA II will be released in Australia on August 20.


    Omg August 20?!?! Just for a Aussie retail release??? Are you kidding me? Meanwhile you can grab the steam release on June 30 but for those who don't have much bandwith like so many aussies do, I feel sorry for them...

    I had been waiting a long time for Arma2, even had friend from Germany send it over for me, only to find it is the buggiest game I have played in a long time....

    ...Then I played Americas Army 3.

      Lol, I heard Americas Army 3 is more buggy!

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