Gran Turismo PSP Is Real, Coming This Year

Gran Turismo PSP Is Real, Coming This Year

While it’s been a bit of a running joke since the launch of the PSP all the way back in 2004, Gran Turismo for the PlayStation Portable is real. And it’ll be out this October.

Speaking during Sony’s E3 press conference today, series creator Kaz Yamauchi announced that the game – which will feature 35 tracks, 800 cars and will run at 60FPS – will be out in the US on October 1.

It’s playable on the showroom floor; we’ll check it out, let you know if it’s been worth the wait.


  • If it’s on UMD and PSN, then I’ll all for it. if it’s on PSN only, then count me out. My monthly limit of of 1.5GB peak hour download quota will have better use than just to download 1 game.

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