Guitar Hero 5 Combo Screens

These latest screenshots for Activision's Guitar Hero 5 not only show off the game's new art direction, but also the ability to play any combination of instruments. Four drum kits make for one crowded stage.

Still not quite sold on this feature. I think part of the fun of the game in a social setting was determining who played what. Some of my most memorable moments with Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band involved me being shunted off to an instrument I wasn't familiar with, or being forced to sing No Doubt's "Spiderwebs". It loses something if you can just opt to put down the mic and plug in another drum set. What do you guys think?

Drums Galore It might look good from a visual standpoint, but can you image the cacophony created by four players banging on the drums all at once?

Belting It Out You're all Stephen Tyler now.

Guitarists Rock There just aren't enough bands comprised completely of guitarists these days.

Full Band That hat. I need that hat, desperately.

Full Band Again Kind of looks like a scene out of Brutal Legend, doesn't it?


    If you had that hat, you may well end up looking like Carmen Sandiago...

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