Halo: Reach Is The Wild Bunch, Only With Spartans?

We know nothing about Halo: Reach other than the fact it's a new Halo game, and that it's due sometime next year. So in the absence of facts, then, let's speculate!

While the game's trailer lets us know the obvious things - it'll deal with the Covenant's attack on the human colony of Reach - the end of that trailer, and the game's first artwork, hint at a little more.

See, the colony of Reach was, before it fell to an attack from the series' alien villains, a training ground for Spartan units. One of the game's first spin-off novels, "The Fall of Reach", tells us this.

So we know it's crawling with Spartans. Enough Spartans that, in the game's debut trailer, we hear at the very end a radio message saying "you've got Spartans on the ground, sir. We're not going anywhere".

Spartans being plural. Many Spartans. But how many? Looks like at least five, going by the game's first piece of art, which shows off a motley collection of Spartans including a sniper, a "heavy" and what looks like a female trooper second-from-left.

So will Halo: Reach be a squad-based Halo title, starring not a single Spartan, but a team of them? Recruits, maybe, or at the very least a TF2-like assembly of characters with varying weapons and skillsets?

Who knows. We don't. That's why we're just speculating.


    I assumed for some strange reason you used soldiers o_o but I didn't think of this, a squad-type game would be awesome, I just hope then that we can customize our own Spartan to use, or take our Spartan from Halo 3 to use here? Even though due to some parts of armour that wouldn't make sense.....

    From what I remember of Fall of Reach, the Spartans were each specifically crafted for a certain task, and Master Chief was a jack-of-all-trades. Should be good fun~

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