Halo: Reach Trailer Knows What You Know

The trailer for Bungie's 2010 Halo: Reach game promises that, "from the beginning, you know the end." You do?


    Yes numb nuts, it is a prequel. i.e. The Fall of Reach.

    Halo: Combat Evolved starts minutes/hours after the Fall of Reach...

    Pillar of Autumn jumps away from Reach and discovers Halo...

    So yeah...you know what happens at the end because you played it already =P

    C'mon its so cool to hate Halo. That's what my cultured friends and I do. We're going to go play some Team Fortress.

    Which means alot of spartans, and possible squad-based combat if it's still an FPS.

    Obviously most fans of Halo will have read up on some halo history at least once- i think they are targeting fans with this game - doesnt bother me and probably doesnt bother me - they'll still make loads out of it, just like they are going to with ODST.
    They will obviously one day bring the story back to the masterchief - come on, how much money has this character made them?
    This Reach game will be great.... i expected they'd do something like this and im quite glad that they are

    Wait...I just had a thought.....IF this is based on Halo: Fall of Reach then there will be a lot of Spartans.....therefore this could accommodate for a Halo MMO

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