Harold Ramis "Glad" He Turned Down Super Mario Bros. Movie

With classic comedies like Caddyshack, Groundhog Day and Analyze This, Harold Ramis has an impressive film director resume — which was almost tarnished by that disastrous Super Mario Bros. flick.

"(Producer) Roland Joffe wanted me to direct the Super Mario Bros. movie," says Ramis. "I took the meeting because I loved the game... I'm glad I said no."

Others who escaped the Super Mario Bros. cinematic train wreck include Danny DeVito, who turned down the role of Mario, and Kevin Costner, who passed on playing King Koopa.

Bob Hoskins accepted the role of Mario and later called the experience "a fucking nightmare". Dennis Hopper ultimately took the role of Koopa, recently saying that he did the picture so his son could have shoes. Nobody needs shoes that bad.

Ramis glad he passed on `Super Mario Bros.' film [AP via Game|Life]


    Even as a child I knew this movie was a disgrace...Goombas were 8 friggin feet tal!

      Haha that is so true

      I mean Goombas, how the hell are you meant to jump on their heads.

      What were they THINKING????

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