Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Launch Trailer

Tomorrow you can play the game based on the upcoming movie based on the book you've probably already read, in EA's Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Harry gets stronger, magical crimes run rampant, and a guy sharing a name with my cat Rufus takes over as Minister of Magic in the sixth book of the Harry Potter series by ridiculously wealthy and famous writer J. K. Rowling, and tomorrow the game based on the movie of that book hits store shelves. With the movie due out in the middle of next month, this could be a good way for fans to get their fix before watching the actors who were once lovable children play it out on the big screen.

I've completely lost track of what's going on at this point. I'm not sure if I should be proud or not.



    Your last sentence i presume refers to the whole film series? As in, too many films etc..

    I completely disagree. 7 books can be a lot. Look at LOTR with 3 (very large) books. AND yes Harry Potter received more pages as it was released. But it was a year for each book pretty much.

    And the films, are actually VERY DECENT films based of great books. The last time i remember that happening was LOTR. Now Harry Potter hasn't won any Oscars from what i know, but they are very successful and critically acclaimed.

    Its good to know, although more children read the books, the films are just aimed at a child target. The theme and colours used in the movies are superb. It's dark & mysterious. And the new trailer for the new film looks amazing.

    Harry Potter - can be bagged for just about anything. But the movies are very good.

      ...the films aren't just aimed at children****

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