Heavenly New God Of War III Screens

Sony has dated God of War III for the PlayStation 3. And Namco Bandai has announced that series star protagonist Kratos is coming to Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. We're announcing that we've posted new screen shots.

The latest batch of God of War III screens features some very familiar scenes and scenarios. We saw them months ago. They feature Titans, minotaurs, chimera and locations that we've already seen—but that's okay! They're pretty screens regardless. And we'll see God of War III in person at E3 this week, as Sony has gobs of playable kiosks for us to plop down in front of.

Until then, we'll just pore over new media for the PS3 game. Then we'll make plans to sprint to the PlayStation space at the LACC when the doors open.

Click here for the screens.


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