Hellboy 360 Mod Is Better Than Hellboy Movies

I'm a longtime fan of Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics. And a long-time hater of Del Toro's cinematic "adaptations". But as bad as those movies are, they could be worse; they could be as bad as the Hellboy games.

Which is why I tread cautiously around anything connecting Big Red to this medium. Silly me! Because while Hellboy's games have thus far been universally awful, this custom Hellboy 360 console is just wonderful.

Textured to look like the Right Hand of Doom, it's not what you call "pretty". But then, neither is Hellboy.

A match made in Hell: Xbox 360 Hellboy case mod [Joystiq]


    ...I like the Hellboy movies.

    Both Hellboy films were freaking awesome, sounds to me like someones just being a cranky fanboy.

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