Hey, Olivia Munn’s Gonna Be In Playboy

Hey, Olivia Munn’s Gonna Be In Playboy

Sure, she will. Know who else has been in Playboy? Gore Vidal. (Link SFW.) See, we never said anything about Olivia Munn appearing in Playboy nude.

Here's a video teasing the Attack of the Show host's shoot in the next edition, so, yeah, this is basically a big free ad for Playboy. And G4, I guess. And since she's not gonna be nekkid, this is also a tease of a tease, which makes it a hall of mirrors of frustration, like blue balls in infinite regression.

Video Game - E3 2009 - Attack of the Show People are making a big deal about Olivia being one of the few to do a cover shoot without a nude layout, a list that also includes Steve Martin, thankfully. She's just showing solid business acumen - you can only take it off the first time, one time, after all. And she's also not being a skank.

Olivia Munn is Playboy's Next Cover Girl
[thebbps, image from OliviaMunn.com


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