Hey, Who's Going To Supanova Today?

Because if you are, take some photos and send them to us. We'll publish everything we receive.

Or just link in the comments to your Flickr or Twitpic galleries.

Come on, we all like a bit of cosplay.


    I have a friend who's into cosplay, but I don't think they went.

    Either way I'm not fussed, most of it tends to be pretty piss-poor.

    I'm going tomorrow. And yes, I am going as Darth Cypher ;-D

    I have some pics from the Brisbane Supanova...It's always Sydney that people focus on...even though Sydney SUCKS!

    I agree with Brady - I have about 300 pictures from the Melbourne Supanova a few months ago, but I dont suppose you want them

      Next year, my Melbourne friends, we'll call out for your pics too.

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