Hong Kong PSN Battles Swine Flu With DLC

Linking the PlayStation Store to current events or causes isn't new; SCEA donated $US10,000 to Earth Day in a video store promotion. But Sony Hong Kong's leveraging of swine flu is a bit dubious.

TAWKN found this PlayStation Store promo, only in Hong Kong, that definitely plays on the fact some people there are tripping balls over swine flu. There's no promise to donate to research or recovery or whatever, just a reminder that one of the best ways to avoid sickness is ... be healthy? By playing sports? Oh, by playing sports inside. That means buying some PSN goodies and quarantining yourself with NHL Arcade or Burnout Paradise.

Sony Leveraging Swine Flu Fears for Increased Sales [TAWKN, thanks Marleen M.]


    it says nothing about playing inside
    just playing sport

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