How Much Did Booth Babes Make During E3?

They weren't everywhere like they used to be, but the return of booth babes to E3 was still noticeable. Noticeable for the boobs, but also for the hard work many of them put in.

Take Bayonetta lady, for example. She looks resplendent in photos, but in the flesh, that suit looked uncomfortable, not to mention restrictive. But the girl was up there in it, all day, posing for shots, big smile on her face.

Yvonna Lynn, who runs the Charisma+2 Booth Babe agency, says that on average, the ladies in costume "tend to average $US20 to $US25 an hour" working a show like E3. Put in seven hours a day for four days and that's $US560-$700 a week. Not bad, but for the work some of these girls put in, not great either.

Secrets of the Booth Babe Biz [Spong, via Go Nintendo]


    Not bad, but it's also a once-a-year job. I'd hope that work like this is more forthcoming for them. Otherwise they're really not earning enough from their modelling job.

    I think they should get a bonus ontop of that for having to put up with gamers all day.

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