How Valve Find The Time To "Leak" Team Fortress Vids

When the excellent "Meet The Spy" video was "leaked" a while ago, it didn't take long to work out that, well, it hadn't been leaked at all.

So why would the company go to such lengths to fake the release a movie that would have gone down well regardless of how we'd found out about it? It's all to do with the development team, and how they're so in the zone that at a time they should be nervous, they're instead finding new ways to amuse themselves.

Valve boss Gabe Newell:

Just so you know, the thing to me, that feels right, is the rhythm that Robin and his team are operating with. It's like watching the reaction of that community, watching their ability to respond, looking at the quality of the work they're getting with the length of those development cycles. They're having a great time. And I think it shows on the other side, right? I mean, they were just giggling so hard when they were changing the buttons in the movies to say "leak video." Do you remember the big screen with all the buttons? And they were like we have to put "leaks video" into that thing before we release it. They were just like cackling away. What should have been like, pretty demoralizing and stressful was for them, "Oh, this is no big deal." So, yeah, people get the idea.

Opening The Valve: The Gabe Newell Interview [G4]


    If you're implying that they leaked it on purpose you are mistaken. I've compared the size of the wording on the leaked vid and official vid. The leaked vid said something different on the button where it says "Leaked Video." Also, if you care to reread the text you quoted it says they added it to the button after the vid had been leaked not before.

    James W. von Brunn

    Luke, you got it all wrong.

    It WAS unintentionally leaked (youtube private video settings were bypassed)
    original video did not contain "leaked video"

    all this quote shows is that they had a sense of humour and added words leaked video to final release.

    sigh, some writers need to check facts before posting

    After careful review I'd have to concur with fellow commenters here. Valve did not do this intentionally but they were good sports about it by not really giving a shit.

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