Hustle Kings Brings Pool To PSN This Winter

Sony fills a void we hadn't even realised existed on the PlayStation 3 this winter with Hustle Kings, one beautiful-looking game of billiards for the PlayStation Network.

Pool is one of those games that people who aren't involved with it on a regular basis quickly forget about once they finish playing, and video game pool even more so, as it's one of those sport genres that takes a very delicate touch to get just right. This winter Sony is banking on Hustle Kings to deliver exactly the sort of sublime billiards experiences that other games have failed to in the past. How? According the US Producer Aaron Orsak, it all comes down to ball control.

The amount of ball control is simply astounding, giving the player any and every shot option in the book…from masse shots to subtle swerves and tricky English, you can do anything to the cue ball in Hustle Kings that you can do around a real table. So the realism was there, but how would the game fare for a more casual gamer? Turns out everyone around the office, from the hardcore to the weekend warrior, to people I've rarely seen play games, found something to absolutely love about Hustle Kings.

While Aaron couldn't yet get into specifics on game modes and such, he did promise a ton of announcements in the coming months. For now, check out the game's official page for a trailer and more screens of Hustle Kings.

Introducing Hustle Kings for PSN [PlayStation Blog]


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