If New Super Mario Bros. Wii Was In Fact Old Super Mario Bros. Wii...

What if, instead of looking a lot like the DS version of Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. Wii looked more like the NES versions of Mario? Or the SNES version?

Well, then it'd look like this. Gotta say, that Super Mario World one looks pretty damn hot.

[Mama Robotnik @ NeoGAF]


    Should let us choose what skin we want in a menu from any of the the mario games. That'd be cool.

    Or have a retro world where levels are themed like a classic game. Wouldn't happen though.

    I don't mean to sound stupid but has Peach been confirmed as a Playable Character? I hope not...

    In all honesty I want Waluigi and Wario as playable characters.

    Pretty sure the other two playable characters are just Yellow and Blue versions of Toad.

    How is this news?

    super mario world 3!, that would be fun.

    Not sure if the pictures are meant to go in chronological order, if so 1 and 3 are in need of swapping.

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