In Russia, Xbox 360 Controller Movie Poster Gun Shoots You

This fall, action flick Gamers will shoot up theatres. Not to be confused with Hollywood flick Game, this movie's plot centres around the transfers of gaming skills to real life:

Fighting, shooting, etc. There's something about paintball, too. The hand-to-hand combat scenes are filmed like traditional 2D fighters, while the shoot-outs use first-person camera angles. Wonder how Microsoft feels about the poster, which, you know, uses the Xbox 360 controller. Good thing there's not that pesky Xbox logo on the controller.

Thanks, Kirill for the tip!


    Took me a while to realize what was wrong with the controller. I knew something was missing but I noticed. And HEY - the Guide button is pretty nice looking compared the PS button. Makes the controller come together i say.

    Great marketing though for a movie poster!

    Man. They should have gotten a compitent graphic artist for this job. You can obviously see the clone tool usage in the former Guide Button space. Still, worried me when I saw a poster involving a 360 controller and a gun; thought it was another crackpot documentary on why games turn people into murdering psychopaths. Good to know it's about people developing skills from gaming. I wonder if it's coming to the US...

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