In The Interest Of Time, A Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Clip

A quick demo of Modern Warfare 2 features explosions, snow, controllable snowmobiles and an ice-climbing segment that would put the Ice Climbers to shame.

The part that looks weird to me, though, is when the game ends the ice-climbing segment with a black screen that says "In the Interest of Time..." Then the player is dropped at a later point in the level with a gun at the ready and a base to blow stuff up at. Don't get me wrong, I like blowing stuff up, but... what's wrong with ice climbing?

Check it out:

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    I have a feeling the 'in the interest of time' was simply due to the fact their showing of MW2 had limited time, and they didn't really wanna waste too much time showing the ice-climbing?

    lol @ the "in the interest of time" screen. When I saw that this morning I was like "if only they'd played that when the ice climbing started..."

    wow that was annoying to watch, who cares about the guy playing just show the footage of the game

    watch the full version of the demo, a lot has been left out, the itnerest of time leaves out synchrnoised attacks by soap and roach, while the things dont always go right bit leaves out one of the best parts of the level

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