Indie Dev To Make Biblical Striptease Game

Indie Dev To Make Biblical Striptease Game

As a nice Jewish girl, I don’t know much about the New Testament; but a game based on a biblical chick who dances the first-ever striptease and then demands a guy’s head sounds cool.

Indie developer Tale of Tales is known for their creepy and often upsetting story games such as The Path and The Graveyard. With their game, codenamed Fatale, the developer aims to tell the story of Salome using the inspiration of Oscar Wilde’s creepy and upsetting* play of the same name. IndieGames reports that the point of the game is freeze a “historical” moment in time and allow players to experience the emotions that the characters feel in that moment.

My question, then, is which moment in Salome's sad tale the game will depict? The striptease she dances for her stepdad, her mother's marriage to a total jerk or the part where she smooches a dead guy's head?

Look for it October 5.

Tale of Tales Announce New Game 'Fatale' [IndieGames]

*I base that statement on the fact that the play was banned when it first debuted. That and the fact that Oscar Wilde is good at being creepy and upsetting.


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