Indie Tuesdays: Blueberry Garden

Indie Tuesdays: Blueberry Garden

blueberry-garden-picReleased on Steam in the early hours of this morning, Blueberry Garden is a whimsical platformer very much worthy of investigation.

Developed by one man, the clearly immensely talented Erik Svedang, Blueberry Garden evokes the same kind of childlike wonder of discovery found in fellow exploratory platformer series, Knytt.

Like Knytt, the joy comes from wandering around a delicately constructed environment and just experimenting with things to see what happens. Little is explained to you beyond the most fundamental movement controls, a brave design decision that makes progress all the more rewarding.

It’s a real journey of discovery and, crucially, takes place in a world you really want to explore. Blueberry Garden won the top gong at the Independent Games Festival earlier this year and now we can all find out why. Sample the demo or just grab the full game today for a measly US$5 from Steam.

Blueberry Garden [Steam product page]


  • heyyy. i went to check it out on steam, but it says the release date is the 11th. i’ll definitely be trying out the demo though, it looks awesome and cute.

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