Indie Tuesdays: Shift 4

Indie Tuesdays: Shift 4

shift-picHands down, this is one of the best browser games I’ve ever played.

Part of my enjoyment was the realisation of just how deep and complex Shift 4 actually is. So I’ll try to describe it without giving too much away.

It’s an absolute mind-fuck of a puzzle game.

The shifting mechanic alone is clever enough. But the addition of two characters to control is a masterstroke of genius.

You won’t be disappointed.

Shift 4 [Armorgames]


  • I’ve got to disagree, David, as I was quite disappointed with Shift 4. I feel the game is nowhere near as good as the previous ones. Most of the charm and flair of the previous games is gone, and has been replaced with a generic story, with the good ending not making any sense in relation to the rest of the story, and the bad ending a huge cop-out.

    Now if the gameplay was top-notch, it wouldn’t be a huge issue. But not only is the gameplay not as fun or challenging as previous Shift games, but it’s buggy as hell. I’ve had the game lock up multiple times (and I’ve played it on both Kongregate and at the link you’ve provided), and I’ve even managed to get the game stuck rotating when switching between characters. That, and the switching between characters gimmick itself was not as developed as it could have been, and the gravity gimmick was used on one screen and was utterly useless for the rest of the game.

    Now of course this is just my opinion. I definitely suggest that people still check out the other 3 Shift games, as they are great fun and quite challenging. I personally feel that Shift 4 was a big step backwards though.

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