InFamous Home Space Coming Soon

Snuck in at the very bottom of a post on important inFamous facts and figures, Sony has announced that Sucker Punch's free-roaming superhero game would soon be getting its own home in PlayStation Home.

The announcement is hidden at the bottom of an otherwise unspectacular post regarding some fun facts and figures that Game Informer printed in their July issue. Along with statistics regarding the number of babies born during the game's development (10) and the fact that the development team prefers diet Coke to diet Pepsi is the news that the inFamous demo was the fastest demo to reach the 1 million milestone on the PlayStation Network, and of course a mention of the PlayStation Home space.

One wonders why these big name game Home spaces aren't launched with the games, instead of a couple of months after. Wouldn't it serve as better marketing for the game, helping to get more people excited about its release? Will this ever actually happen, or will Home continue to feel like an afterthought?

While the only pic we currently have of the space, which includes areas to explore and a new mini-game, is the tiny one you see above, Sony's post on the matter assures us that more details to come. We cannot wait... much longer than we already have.

inFAMOUS Facts, Figures, and Future [PlayStation Blog]


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