Iran Not Blocking Online Games

Mobilephone and internet communications in Iran are reportedly being jammed by the government to prevent to the flow of data. But there's more ways to communicate electronically than that.

Interactive media like gaming does not appear to be impacted to the same extent as cell phone and email. According to network security blog Security To The Core, "While the rapidly evolving Iranian firewall has blocked web, video and most forms of interactive communication, not all Internet applications appear impacted. Interestingly, game protocols like xbox and World of Warcraft show little evidence of government manipulation."

If this is true, online gaming could be a work around for those in Iran trying to communicate with the world as the regime crackdown continues.

A Deeper Look at The Iranian Firewall [Arbor via GamePolitics]


    Interestingly, there are reports of Second Life being blocked in Iran. If you do a quick search on the subject, you'll notice there is/was a bit of a protest support movement in there, which is likely linked with the reports of Iranian Second Life residents being mysteriously absent.

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