Is Xbox Live Primetime's 1 Vs. 100 Becoming Pay To Play?

1 Vs. 100 Live, the first Xbox 360 game show for Microsoft's Xbox Live Primetime push, is currently in beta testing. Originally pitched as a free game for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, it appears Microsoft may begin charging for it.

While the 1 Vs. 100 Live product page on previously implied the game show was going to be free for Gold members, it now specifies that only the beta season will be included with Gold Membership. When we previewed the game a little over a month ago, the "free" plan was still in place.

But Kotaku readers taking part in the beta version of the Primetime program have noticed the option to purchase a "Season Pass" for the program. Unfortunately, any attempts to do so have resulted in errors and that option appears to have been removed from Xbox Live.

We've contacted Microsoft to get clarification on the issue but have yet to receive a response.


    Good way to make more money.

    I take it if you have to pay to play there must be a chance to win money back? or MS points...pfft

    Could either be an option to guarantee a seat incase they only have limited seats, or it could be for silver members to join in.

    This should remain free. Maybe a season pass for silver members but not gold. If they need to get money they should try to get season or nightly sponsors.

    Any idea if Aus is getting a beta trial soon?

      Odin, I suspect you're on the money there. Microsoft has said all along it would be free for Gold members. The implication being that Silver members would need to pay.

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