Japanese Hardware Sales Go Down, Down, Down

With little in the way of new software releases charting in Japan, console and handheld gaming system sales take a dip across the Pacific. Nintendo DSi sales were way down, but one console actually saw a boost.

That would be the Xbox 360, which is a little bit odd, considering there were no new major releases for the console and only Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Empires for Microsoft's platform managed to chart in the top 50. But that's what sales tracker Media Create says, so we'll believe their figures are accurate.

For the full line, which you can compare against last week's chart, read on.

  • Nintendo DSi - 38,783
  • PSP - 29,070
  • Wii - 17,177
  • PlayStation 3 - 10,173
  • Xbox 360 - 6,625
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 5,664
  • PlayStation 2 - 4,096


    Maybe there's a few Japanese that prefer the English version of Star Ocean 2 ?

    Thanks for continuing to post the Japanese sales stats. A lot of Japanese game developers make games primarily for their local audience first, then export their games as second thought. And so Japanese stats are very relevant to people who like games made in Japan.

    Of course nowadays international sales are starting to make up a bulk of their companies' earnings so much so that they rely on the outside world to break even.

    Recently I've been rather dismayed by three JRPGs that have had disappointing sales, all of them on the Wii. Fragile(Wii), Muramasa(Wii) and Arc Rise Fantasia(Wii). All three of these are great games.

    Japanese gamers are generally not into niche gaming. Hopefully Dragon Quest 10 and Monster Hunter 3 will increase the attention given to other quality titles on the Wii.

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