Kid Icarus "Clone" Changes Its Name To Something Less Icarian

Since Nintendo won't be releasing a Kid Icarus game on the Wii any time soon, OTT Games decided to release something very similar in Icarian: Kindred Spirits. Turns out it might have been too similar.

Despite the fact the WiiWare game has been reviewed by several outlets, and despite the fact it's already out in Europe, OTT have only now changed its name to "NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits". Which doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

Asked why the move was made after the game was already out, OTT CEO Rob Alvarez says:

There will be a new version of the game with the new name in the next days. That's the only change. It has to do with a trademark claim by another videogame company. We are a small indie developer and could not fight for our rights.

It's OK. We know it's Nintendo.

Shame. The game had been getting some good reviews as Icarian. But now, I'd knock a point or two off just for "NyxQuest". Ungh.

Over The Top Games Forced To Rename Icarian: Kindred Spirits [Edge]


    Please fix the apostrophe crime in the header! :)


    "It’s OK. We know it’s Nintendo."

    It's not Nintendo though :/

      And I just realised I got that from the American Kotaku. Well the Twitter link in that was

    Hate the new name, glad i'd already downloaded it. It is a pretty decent game though, i'd recommend it to anyone who's itching to spend some wii points.

    Dont believe everything twittered... it does have the word twit in it after all.

    Of course they arent going to roll over, change their name(at great cost I would imagine) just to come out swinging at Ninty.
    If you want to keep pressing Wii discs, you tow the company line as I hear it.

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