Koei Tecmo Working On Corporate Cross Over Game

Japanese game makers Koei and Tecmo have merged, officially forming Koei Tecmo Holdings as of this April. But does that mean their games will merge as well?

According to the summer issue of industry publication Nikkei Corporate Information: "Tecmo and Koei are combining titles to launch a new game. The aim is to bring in fans of both."

There is no information about possible titles or a release window.

While Tecmo's most popular franchises are action game Ninja Gaiden and fighter Dead or Alive, Koei is best known for its hack-and-slash Dynasty Warriors series.

Koei does have experience with cross-branding: Back in 2007, it developed Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, which featured the Namco Bandai's popular mecha. Dynasty Warriors: Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, anyone?

ついに「DEAD OR ALIVE無双」誕生?コーエーテクモが両社のタイトルを合体させた作品を発売へ [Gigazine]


    Just the news without the really bad joke would have been more appealing. Then again I only clicked to see a bigger picture of the girl.

    too bad most of the Ninja Gaiden and DOA team left Tecmo.

    So a terrible games developer is merging with an even worse games developer while missing probably most of the employees who brought any quality to their products in the past?

    Yeah I REALLY look forward to seeing what they produce. :P

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