Kojima Productions Website Is Sunny (Well, Sorta)

We're in the home stretch of Kojima Productions' master class in drip fed PR. A seemingly endless storm has been raining on a seemingly endless series of countdown clocks.

The storm is over, and now? Now it's sunny — well partly sunny. Geddit, Sunny? Of course, the Sunny character is raised by the Patriots and appears in Metal Gear Solid 4.

There's also a new letter (or number). We can't tell which! Either that's a "B" or an "8".

To review, these letters have appeared on the Kojima "Next" site:

"S" (or number "5") "R" "P" "E" "C" "@" (or a lowercase "e") "O" (or number "0")

The following numbers have appeared:

"5" (or "S") "3" "6" "0" (or letter "O")

...And now "B" or "8".

Countdown clock [Konami Thanks everyone who sent this in!]


    Maybe cause of Raiden. and Sunny. Its the game that fills the hole of Raiden going to save Sunny...maybe

    Could this mean something is going to hit the timer at 05:36:08? Specifically 6 numbers in a row is suspicious. I’m currently trying to see if adding this to the URL instead of index gives a hidden page. Good old Kojima to torture till the last second :D

    The famitsu issue had a picture of a grown up Sunny.

    My guess is that it's counting down the announcement to a new MGS on the PSP Go! to correlate with that. Hence why it was mentioned in that leaked psp go video.

    I hope how ever, Mr. Kojima is just screwing with us all and it will count down for 12 years before they get shut down and finally sued by investors.

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