Konami Staffer Sues For "Discrimination"

Konami Digital Entertainment employee Yoko Sekiguchi is suing the company for what she calls "discrimination".

The 36-year-old Sekiguchi negotiated soccer team and foreign player licensing for Konami's Pro Evolution franchise. Last October, she took the company's maternity leave, returning to work this past April.

When she returned to work, she was demoted due to a "burden" caused by child rearing and work. Her pay was also docked ¥200,000 (US$2,000). According to Sekiguchi, "This is discrimination aimed at female employees who chose to take maternity leave."

Sekiguchi has filed suit, seeking ¥33,000,000 (US$344,000) in damages. "I decided to take legal action," she says, "because fellow female employees are experiencing the same type of treatment."

育休からの復帰時に降格と減俸 女性社員がコナミを提訴 [Sankei via 未定なブログ]


    Here we go again, more female romp.

    Sounds like she needs to play with Solid Snake some more.

    dammit dmj, got to the solid snake quote before i did !!

    Go her. I'm probably biased being one of those pesky females, albeit a sterile one, but it seems wrong to dock someone's pay for availing themselves of basic benefits like family leave.

    Ah look... these subjects can be a bit touchy. Personally I dont agree with maternity leave; I dont think the company should have to pay if YOU decide to have a child. If you're trying for a kid then you make sure you're financially sound first, not rely on someone else having to fit the bill for your absence.

    In saying that though, that's not the case... so "discrimination" i suppose could apply if they docked her pay when she got back - but I highly doubt it's got anything to do with maternity - if they wanted to dock her pay or cause a problem they would have fired her BEFORE she came back to work, not after (simply because if money is the issue they're not gonna pay out on 8-9 months and then dock it $2,000 - doesnt sound right). My guess is she was under preforming and they had had enough.

      VoDKa how could you not agree to maternity leave...so you think all females should be penalised because they want to have a family? That if you decide to have a child then kiss your current job goodbye? Come on get serious!

      It clearly says in this article that she is suing because she was demoted due to a “burden” caused by child rearing; this is discrimination to all females who may work there who have children or women who may chose to have children. More importantly this could even be applied to males who have decide to have a child...lets not take this out of context and start saying she is a liar...

      Your reply just makes you sound so arrogant towards the laws pertaining to employment law, and child rearing...this woman was bound to be guilty by her own wrong doing due to your views on maternity leave. The reasons why we have maternity leave is to allow women (and men) to have the chance to raise a family and not be disadvantaged if they choose to do so...especially during times like these where job secuirity is an issue high on many peoples lists.

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