Kotaku AU Reader Reviews: Send Them To Us!

margaretdavidWe're launching a new initiative today: the Kotaku AU Reader Reviews. That's right, we want you to share your views on the latest games with the rest of the Kotaku community.

It's easy. Just write a review of a (fairly) recent game and send it to us.

OK, it's not quite that easy. Your review must conform to the standard Kotaku review template, meaning it must contain:

* A brief introduction detailing what the game is about * A description of the things you LOVED * A description of the things you HATED * A brief conclusion detailing your overall opinion

And you must do all this in under 200 words.

We're looking for sharp writing, keen analysis and interesting views. Include your name and of course the name of the game you're reviewing and email it to us with "Kotaku Reader Review" in the subject. We'll be publishing the best ones as we receive them and - hopefully - we'll be offering a small prize incentive for the very best. Stay tuned.


    David, I think this is a great idea. But...

    • Could you define '(fairly) recent' quantitatively? i.e. must be released in the last 3 months etc.

    • And would there be any limitations due to regions with regards to a game being 'recently' released. World-wide simultaneous release doesn't always happen.

    • And do old games released as downloadable content count? e.g. 'Resident Evil' on the PSN etc.

    • And guidelines for reviews of DLC? (Would any one care?)

    Good reading is hard writing. It would be a shame for someone to write a good review and for it not to be published because it wasn't within the spirit of what you are suggesting.

      Sure, Victor.

      "Fairly recent" I left deliberately loose, but try to keep it within the last calendar year.

      Any region is fine.

      Sure, PSN, XBL, WiiWare, VC games are all fine.

      DLC's fine too.

      Don't worry, if it's good, it'll get published.

    I bet Margaret hates games. And computers and the internet and life. David on the other hand, he strikes me as either a really hardcore RPG/TBS player OR only plays some embarrassing sim like falcon 4.0 or that aussie developed train simulator

    so format wise your looking for somthing similar to your regular format. eg http://www.kotaku.com.au/2009/06/red-faction-guerrilla-review-bustin-makes-me-feel-good/

      Yes, but shorter. You only have 200 words.

    Possible job opportunity available for good contributors? :P

    will you look over them and exorcise spoilers?

    I have a whole bunch of them i done for a USA site but because of the lack of games to review I left, although i am working on one more for them at the moment.

    You can see them here David...

    And yes Dave, done pass out or nothing mate but this is still the same ROM who always said he could not write reviews. haha!!


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