Leipzig Gamescon Lands Former SCEE Head As Speaker

Gamescon may be only a letter off from Gamescom, but the Leipzig Games Convention Online is miles and weeks away from Cologne's massive gaming event.

Taking place on July 31 and August 1 in the former home of the once-massive Gamescon, the convention will focus on the online aspect of gaming.

Former CEO of SCEE David Reeves has signed on as a leading keynote speaker for the show, the conference announced.

Reeves' talk is entitled "Schrodinger's Cat and Heisenberg's Dog – The Change from Offline to Online". Reeves will explain what "everything online" means for the industry.

"At the GCO, I will provide a view of when online sales of games overtake classic retail distribution", Reeves said.

With the carpet sort of pulled out from under Leipzig last year it will be interesting to see how the survive and if they thrive with this new, more niche, focus.

David Reeves and Jong Hyun Wi to Give Opening Keynote Speeches [Gamescon]


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