Let's Take A PlayStation Home Survey!

Let's! Sony is asking questions, and you are giving answers. What Sony wants to know:

"How appealing would each of the following potential features be if a new public space was created that was dedicated to the PlayStation brand?"

That's the main question, and Sony then breaks things down into smaller, bit-sized polling that covers everything from PlayStation dev video interviews to trailers of upcoming games to the history of PlayStation.

Feel free to answer in the comments below. Or not. YOU DECIDE.


    is something missing? Where is the link to these polls? What are these new potential features? If its a Sony poll on Playstation Home, I'd complete it.

    Granted, it was research that ought to have been done years before beta launch.

    Granted, I'm a little late reading this blog (20 hours late) but this survey appears to have already finished....

    dear sony playstation hong kong home needs mod badly i like the areas but don't like getting bugged by people like yizmet

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