Live Action Assassin's Creed Short Films Coming This Spring

Two years ago, Ubisoft got into the film-making biz by encouraging would-be Assassin's Creed fans to make short films exploring the game's themes and possible plot points.

The results actually weren't that bad; so it seems Ubisoft intends to continue the trend with Assassin's Creed 2. Liveblogging from the press conference, Luke Plunkett says that these "proper films" will start showing up this spring ahead of the game's November release date.

"Ubisoft are, they say, no longer a games developer," Luke reports. "They're an entertainment provider, able to create games, movies, the works."

Hm. Maybe we'll can look forward to more films like this one.


    I liked the first Assassin's Creed. It was kind of a short game, but the ending of it made me really excited for the second one. Also, I kind of liked how it suddenly got really hard, because I noticed it and had to pay actual attention to what was being said. I always used to think, "It must be nice to remember all those difficult bits of information so easily." And it was nice, because the character automatically remembered. Until it got hard, and if I didn't pay attention, I'd have to search everywhere for my answers.

    Personally, I liked it. Hope the second game is really similar. Didn't get tired of it once.

    I would Buy that wristblade..... if i wanna kill somebody... silently

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