Logitech's Opulent $300 Flight Sim Controller Is 15 Years Too Late

Had Logitech's G940 "Flight System" been released in the mid-90s, it would have been the most desirable thing on the planet. Now, though, in 2009, it just feels a little... wasted.

I mean, don't get me wrong. As a long-time fan of the ol' flight sim, the concept of a $US300 setup including a stick, throttle and pedals appeals to my love of all things expensive and pointless. But as a human who knows flight sims have been a niche market for most of this decade? Surely Logitech could have spent their money on something more than 4 people will buy.

The G940 will support most recent flight sims, and goes on sale in September. For, yes, $US300 (which gets you the whole kit).


    I think you're underestimating the market. If anyone is going to pay that sort of cash for a peripheral it's Flight Sim fans. Niche genre? Sure, but in my experience they spend money. More so than you're average 'Hardcore' does on anything other than A+ titles.

      Why did a 12 year old write this up

      Long time fan of what flight sim???? Top Gun on Sega Master System doesnt count

      You haven't even suggested an alternative, "better" purchase. I just happen to be looking for a good force feedback stick with pedals. This is the only one I can find. Seems like other people want it too.

    I have to agree with the previous poster.

    Flight sim fans will indeed spend money on this, and you can bet there's more than four of them.

    I Hear total tools speaking!
    What if say you wanted to fly Condor or similar realistic simulator and wanted a remotely realistic experiance? What other option is there?
    Some go play games.
    Let's Fly Sims!

    Also have to agree with other people here.

    The flight sim market may have diminished in the last few years, and this is understandable; as the gaming culture has matured over the past years, game makers are looking for "safe bets" for the masses to consume, and unfortunately the flight sim has fallen into obscurity due to it's demand it places on the user to have a longer than 1 minute attention span and the ability to read and understand an in depth manual.

    These demands has seperated the wheat from the chaff so to speak (simmers being the wheat of course). That's not to say that there are less flight sim fans than there used to be but rather there are more ppl playing games that may have not before. I'm sure any serious simmer who knows the importance of precision control would value a piece of equipment such as this. I am considering buying one and the word going around seems to place this setup as a hot item.

    There are a few bugs that need ironing out but with the next software update hopefully they will be taken care of.

    On another note $300 US is actually quite a good deal for a quality stick throttle and rudder pedal combo.

    Bottom line here is, to the "reviewer", do your research before you go making sweeping statements, and consider your target audience...... The flight sim community.

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