Lots Of Bad Career Choices In Fallout

A list of the 11 worst virtual jobs in video games gives us places three from the Fallout series in the top 8, including el numero uno.

That would seem to make sense. If your country's economy, infrastructure and landscape has been obliterated by nuclear warfare, then everyone's job is gonna suck in some way. But in Pwn or Die's roundup, "fluffer" from Fallout 2 beat out all (snicker) comers, including the much pitied hooker from the Grand Theft Auto series.

The list:

11. Paperboy (Paperboy) 10. Farmer (Destroy All Humans) 9. Referee (Mutant League Football) 8. "Expert Excrement Expediter" (Fallout 2) 7. Portal Test Subject (Portal) 6. SCV Driver (Starcraft) 5. Keflings (A Kingdom for Keflings) 4. Ghoul Doctor (Fallout 3) 3. Scientist (Goldeneye) 2. Hooker (Grand Theft Auto) 1. Fluffer (Fallout 2)

11 of the Worst Virtual Jobs in Video Games [Pwn or Die]


    Ahh Fallout Jobs, I always liked becomming a Porn Star.

    NPC's tell you they thought you were great in "Pokahotass"

    That is seriously one the best list i have seen in the longest time.
    Especially love that Mutant League Football made it.

    Why is Ghoul Doctor on this list though?
    As doctors go, he had it pretty good - Ghouls seem to be almost immortal (given that most can remember the bombs falling 200 years ago) and have few actual predators. I mean, it'd be pretty cruisy work, surelY?

    OK, so I guess it might be somewhat boring, but no more boring than i would be for Dr Whatshis name in Tenpenny Towers?

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