LunchTimeWaster: How To Raise A Dragon

how-to-raise-a-dragon1Today's LunchTimeWaster is a very cute tale of one dragon's life where every little choice you make affects the outcome.

How To Raise A Dragon is from Gregory Weir, the indie dev responsible for (I Fell In Love With) The Majesty Of Colors. It features his trademark ultra lo-res pixels and familiar narrative-as-a-series-of-choices gameplay.

You begin as a hatchling dragon just about to burst out of its egg. Making your way from left to right through the 2D side-scrolling world, you are able to stop and eat all manner of plants and animals. As your dragon ages, characteristics are derived from its behaviour in the previous stages. Your choices shape the dragon you become.

There's a whole host of endings to discover and it's fun just trying different combinations to see what happens. My first dragon became a Reclusive Watcher in Friendship with the humans. What was yours?

How To Raise A Dragon [Gregory Weir, via ArmorGames]

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