Marvelous Entertainment On Wii Sales: T_T

The Wii may be king of the console market, but some publishers, like Marvelous Entertainment of Japan, are having a hard time recouping their costs to the point of tears. What?! There's no crying in video game publishing!

Marvelous isn't necessarily publishing the kind of Wii fare that targets the "blue ocean" consumer. Instead, the company is responsible for titles like No More Heroes, Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Arc Rise Fantasia, games that typically make brief appearances on Japanese software sales charts.

A staff post on the official Marvelous site, partly translated by Canned Dogs, partly by GameSetWatch, indicates that staffers there are crestfallen over the company's lack of Wii success, writing "I truly have teary eyes. I feel like crying."

Marvelous staffers appear to be bearing some of the responsibility for the company's current sales situation. Some of the company's titles, No More Heroes for example, sell better in other territories under other publishers.

The unnamed staffer also asks readers to pre-order the upcoming Little King's Story, saying that numbers are dangerously low.

Marvelous Entertainment stuff [Canned Dogs] Marvelous Teary-eyed Over Poor Wii Game Sales [GameSetWatch]


    Little King Story was a fantastic game, I might import a Jap copy to offer some support to the industry...

    How disappointing, it isn't as if those games are poor, or even average, they are very good games. Its a shame to find that they are not doing well.

    It could be because the selection of Wii games are overcrowded with more 'casual' titles such as Wii Fit or the next shovel ware. It could be because the marketing for these good games are overshadowed by the marketing of the more....'casual' games.

    Then again it could be because the majority of owners of Wii's are those more interested in casual games and not enough people who play these types of games own the console.

    Then again, it could be due to something completely different. Either way, it is a sure-fire shame when games like those listed above have poor sales.

    From what I see, the way to sell games in Japan is basically jRPG. Monster Hunter, Super Robot, Shin Megami, Dragons Quest, Final Fantasy, all those games sell like hotcakes. Linear adventure games are also the way to go as well (like MGS). New Monster Hunter game on console X, means console X sells like crazy and so does the game.

    Innovation in video games in Japan is sorely lacking, and that added to the fact that there are basically 2 genres that sell, you really feel sorry for guys trying to do something new in Japan, but only get decent sales overseas. Ever wonder why FPS and Japan never really mixed? At least the indie scene there is still fairly strong, although that seems to limit itself to shmups most of the time.

    Just my two cents anyway.

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