Meet Mr. Video Game Voiceover

This is an interview with Mr. Nolan North. His name probably won't ring a bell, and that's a real tragedy, because as soon as you hear him open his mouth, you'll know exactly who he is.

You'll know he's Nathan Drake. You'll know he's the Prince of Persia. As the scrawny kid from Assassin's Creed, as Sgt. Forge from Halo Wars and Vossler from Final Fantasy XII.

Basically, you'll know him as one of, if not the most prolific and recognisable voice actors working in gaming. And now, you'll actually know who he is, instead of saying "oh, this guy sounds like Nathan Drake" all the time.

Meet Nathan Drake: Uncharted 2's Nolan North [PlayStation]


    That's the voice of Deadpool!

    All I hear is the prince from pop.

    Nathan Drake is undoubtedly one of, if not the most recognisable voice this gaming generation. Uncharted is such an amazing game, and Uncharted 2 is shaping up to completely blow the first one out of the water. Looks incredible!

      Funny, considering I never even played it. Hell, I don't even know what console it's on. All I know is that it's something about... treasure hunting? And I think I only know that from when Yahtzee reviewed it.

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