Metal Gear Comes To The Xbox 360

Hideo Kojima has just popped up at Microsoft's keynote, and announced that the Metal Gear Solid franchise is coming to Xbox 360 with an all-new title.

This game is called "Metal Gear Rising", is a completely-new title, and rather than starring Solid Snake, will star Raiden.

Big stuff, no?


    Knowing Raidens character I don't imagine there will be much stealth gameplay in this one. I'm not a fan of the button mashing hack and slash so not a big deal for me...

    Well I was wrong about Hideo's involvement but I take pride in the fact that he's carefully maintained his previous desires by not giving us an actual Metal Gear or the critically acclaimed MGS4 :)

    sigh. Raiden is the character I like least. i have been hanging out to see snake on the 360, but raiden. meh.

    knowing Kojima, his action games are always excellent in quality. I can only be excited for this. A lot of fans will be satisfied as well just from the pure thought of being able to control Raiden.

    Gameplay mechanics aside, the bigger remark should be, that there is an MGS game coming to the X360 at all! Even Kojima Productions, largely considered the last bastion for faithful 3rd party exclusives can't evade the allurement of the success of the Xbox360.

    This was only a matter of time, gaming companies cant affort to say excluive forever but this isnt the first time MGS that has appeared on XBOX MGS2 Substance was ported to XBOX1.

      ps haha Jamie

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