Metal Gear Rising To Look "Better" Than Metal Gear Solid 4

Upcoming multi-platform title Metal Gear Solid: Rising isn't MGS4 with a fresh coat of paint. Oh, no.

According to the Kojima Productions podcast, Konami is developing a brand new engine for Rising to, as KP podcast host Sean Eyestone points out, "realise this multi-platform goal". What's more, Rising will have "better graphics" than PS3 exclusive MGS4.

"We're redoing the engine from scratch, and it's going to look amazing," says Eyestone. "It's going to be a big project like Metal Gear Solid 4. The entire team is serious about making it look as good as possible on every platform."

The title Rising is a pun of sorts. The Japanese pronunciation "Raijin" is a word play on a mythic Japanese storm god. The character name "Raiden" means "thunder and lightening" in Japanese. Geddit?

The title also has significance in English: "It's raising the Metal Gear franchise up to the next step."

Kojima Productions does in depth [Metal Gear Scholar]


    Probably better on the surface as in more AA and post-processing, but lacking in high-poly models etc.

    I don't care how it looks, a actioner with raiden just isnt an appealing mgs experience to me, doesn't even count as 1.

    People are seeming to miss the glaring point that this won't have hideo's involvement in the creative process. Peace Walker will, that's the 1 to care about.

    i don't like botox, but i'll stare at the asses

    you'd expect it to, games are supposed to get better looking as time passes. everything is always eclipsed by something.

    "look as good as possible on every platform."

    Does that mean if they can make the PS3 version look better than the XBox version they will? Or does it mean that they'll make the 'lowest common denominator' as high a standard as possible?

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