Metal Gear Solid Dated, Priced For PlayStation Store

The original Metal Gear Solid is heading to the North American PlayStation Store as a "PS one Classic," playable on the PSP and PlayStation 3. That we knew. But we didn't know the when and the how much.

Konami has officially put a price on the re-release now that all that other Metal Gear Solid related news is out of the way. The Hideo Kojima epic will arrive at the PS one Classic premium price of $US9.99 USD on June 18th, two days after the "Greatest Hits" version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ships in the States at its new budget price of $US29.99.

Two great ways for gamers to get reacquainted with Snake and crew


    Apart from download quota limit, one thing that holding me back on getting digital distribute game is DRM... but my love for MGS may make me change my mind, and purchase my 1st DRM game.

    Sony handle Downloads MUCH better. U have unlimited downloads on 1 system, and can have upto 5 installs per system. When u deactivate a system, it no longer counts too.

    Hopefully this will come downunder VERY soon, come on SCEE, after FFVII just keep it coming!

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