Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Listed For PSP

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Listed For PSP

Metal Gear Solid is coming to the Xbox 360. We know that. But another Metal Gear Solid is also coming to the PSP. Oh, we knew that too! Here’s what we didn’t know until now.

That new portable Metal Gear game is more than likely called Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, as GamesPress is listing the Konami title for a 2010 release. And since it’s for the PlayStation Portable, we’d expect that the title will be announced at Sony’s E3 press conference tomorrow alongside the PSP Go.

Whether Peace Walker will feature Raiden, as Metal Gear Solid: Rising will, or Big Boss, also teased on the Kojima Productions web site, we’ll find out soon. But what I’m hoping we find out is exactly what the term “Peace Walker” means.


  • Peace Walker refers to Big Boss, during his days recruiting for Outer Heaven. He “walked” around recruiting etc, such as Null and Sniper Wolf- he saved Sniper Wolf from the battlefield creating peace.

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