Metal Gear Solid: Rising Destined For Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Hideo Kojima sneaked onto stage at Microsoft's E3 2009 press briefing today to let the world know that the Metal Gear Solid series was coming to the Xbox 360. That new game is definitely multi-platform.

Since Microsoft didn't make mention of Metal Gear Solid: Rising being exclusive to its console, we had a pretty good indication. Even better is the Gamespress information for the newest, Raiden-starring Metal Gear Solid, which is listed for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The release date is still TBA.

We'll know more about the multiplatform status of Metal Gear Solid: Rising tomorrow, when Kojima's almost assured to sneak up on Jack Tretton, tap him on the shoulder and, hopefully, debut the game's first trailer—then ask us if we liked it.


    I have even less respect for IGN, for causing all the hoopla of it being exclusive. I mean how stupid can u get, like hideo is just gonna cut off a huge install base.

    "Since Microsoft didn’t make mention of Metal Gear Solid: Rising being exclusive to its console"

    They said after FFXIII "every game you see from now on is exclusive to the 360". Seems clear enough to me...?

    phew was starting to worry me and my ps3 would missout

    I don't think that's Raiden. I thought it was Sunny all grown up. Raiden has blue eyes...

      my thoughts exactly, theres more than meets the eye here...

    Yeah, it wouldn't make any sense to gamers, publishers, and developers, to cut off the sony fan base. Konami is running a business not a fan club.

    Its not Raiden the eye colour is different Raiden's eye colour is clearly blue, this is brown.

    the trailer said "raiden is back" at the end. Its raiden.

    It might still be "exclusive" - the shit version will be exclusive to the X360, while the proper decent version will be available to the PS3 and PC

    Don't forget about the Big Boss pic... Could easily be MGS5, to be honest this looks like a stupid mutli-plat DMC style hack n slash....

    GOD, let MGS die. It was given its fatal blow in MGS4, which sucked hard.

      Maybe you should stick with playing games you enjoy

    I'm going to think it isn't Raiden. Raiden has a completely remade body. I doubt Hideo would make Raiden go back to being a half-metal cyborg again. Although, does anyone know what colour Raiden's kid's eyes are?
    Maybe Hideo was hinting to us at the end of MGS4 when his kid was swinging the sword? o:

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