Metal Gear Solid: Rising Teaser Trailer

Short, but sweet for Xbox 360 owners, this trailer gives us a first brief glimpse at Metal Gear Solid: Rising, the first Metal Gear Solid title to hit the Xbox 360.


    "Lightning Bolt Action"

    Not stealth...

    Its not a real MGS game then :(

    The psp game seems to be the more fulfilling mgs experience so far. That's without any information too :(

    I'll pass on Lightning Bolt Action, cannot see any deep political commentary being worked into that...

    Agreed Shoitaan. Also, why would it say "Raiden is back" when it clearly isn't Raiden?

    And as a side note, anyone notice how thus far MGS2 and this one are the only xbox's MGS's, and both apparently involve Raiden? They think they'll do better this time...?

    AND one last thing, if it doesn't have Solid Snake, why the crap is it called Metal Gear SOLID: Rising. Wasn't the point of the SOLID series just to be about the Snake v Ocelot/Liquid?

      While the character shown may not necessarily be THE Raiden we know and (some) love, if you get a good look at the character artwork advertising the game, you can see that there is a bar-code visible on the forehead of said character, which I assume would be normally hidden behind the bandanna when it's not slipping down. As we don't know whether this new game takes place before or after the events of MGS4 (at least I haven't heard anything saying one or the other yet), any guesses as to who or what this character is or it's purpose is pure speculation.

      However, I find speculation fun, so here's my guess. Based off what we found out in MGS2, the events on Big Shell were an attempt to create super-soldiers in the image of Solid Snake by basically emulating the events that took place at Shadow Moses, causing the soldier in question to live through events similar to what Solid Snake experienced. Raiden, the soldier in question, was able to take down numerous genetically enhanced soldiers, survive attacks from 3 of the members of Dead Cell and take out one of them for good (Fatman), survive an attack by 25 or so Metal Gear RAY units guarding Arsenal Gear, AND kill Solidus Snake, who, while being genetically weaker than Solid and Liquid, had an exoskeleton suit that supposedly boosted his strength and combat skill up to a similar level to his genetic brothers.

      Big Boss' DNA was highly sought after because of his caliber as a soldier. As Raiden managed to survive all the events on Big Shell, as well as take out a genetic clone of Big Boss (albeit a genetically weaker one), it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see that Raiden's DNA could be quite valuable in itself. And, at some point in the MGS saga, Raiden goes all cyborg, stops whining about anything and everything and becomes totally kickass. Now, let's say that somebody obtains a sample of Raiden's DNA (either through nefarious means or not, it doesn't really matter) and creates a clone (or clones) of Raiden, trains him/them and puts them through the same cyborg process as Raiden (and then barcodes them, for some reason). This would explain why the Raiden we are seeing being advertisements can still be called Raiden, while not being THE Raiden. Raiden would still be clone form.

      And of course, if the game takes place after the events of MGS4, the Sons Of Patriots (SOP) system is completely down, meaning that the advanced tools afforded by the system in the battlefield are null and void. As the SOP system had been relied on for pretty much every war waged in that period of time, the resulting systems (at least until someone theoretically managed to produce something new on the scale of SOP) would probably be fairly simple, but primitive. A barcode system for clones (or soldiers in general) would be fit the bill quite well.

      tl,dr; It could be a Raiden clone. With different coloured eyes.

      'Scuse the double post, after an extremely long initial post. IMHO, MGS2 was a pretty decent game once you get past the fact you're playing as pretty-boy Raiden for most of the game. The port to Xbox was admittedly shocking though. But as the game is being built from the ground up for multiple consoles, rather than being ported by a team who didn't really know what they were doing, I think it should at least turn out okay.

      In reference to your third question, the Metal Gear Solid series was never really about Snake vs. Ocelot/Liquid, at least, not as the main point. Especially since Ocelot was a mere nuisance to Naked Snake/Big Boss in MGS3, rather than the big bad, and MGS: Portable Ops has no real ties to Ocelot at all, except for the option to unlock him as an optional soldier by way of a quest chain that had next to nothing to do with the story. There are many ways to view what the MGS series is about; it could be about children paying for the sins of their fathers, it could be about how human nature will eventually destroy what really makes us human if we let it, it could even be about whatever the hell Memes are. However, while Snake (I assume you were talking about Solid Snake?) fights Liquid/Ocelot in 3 MGS games, it's really the context of these battles, rather than just the fact that they're fighting, that is the important thing to take away from the series. And really, who's to say Snake won't make an appearance, or even be playable?

      tl,dr; The MGS series is more than just 'Snake fought Liquid/Ocelot a few times'.

    LET. IT. DIE. Kojima is officially a one trick pony.

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