Michael Jackson Has Died

Musician Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50. The "King of Pop" was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical centre this afternoon by Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics.

Jackson, in addition to being a bestselling pop artist with The Jackson 5 and as a solo act, also starred in numerous video games, including one based on his short film Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. Developed by Sega for the arcade and Sega Genesis, the excellent Michael Jackson's Moonwalker was the start of a relationship that would see the musician later appear in Space Channel 5 and Space Channel 5: Part 2.

The pop musician was rumoured to be recruited by Sega to contribute to music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but his involvement was never credited or confirmed by producer Yuji Naka. Jackson also made cameos in Midway's Ready To Rumble: Round 2.

This year, the King of Pop was planned to have auctioned off a large number of items from his Neverland Ranch estate, including a wide variety of arcade games and consoles.

Michael Jackson is survived by three children.


    Hoax/who cares

      Exactly. Not to mention why is this on a gaming blog? Reminds me of the whole Brandon Crisp fiasco.

      Yeah you look like a fucking douche now.

      Iconic, Hero to some, Loved by many.
      King of Pop.

      Sad loss.

      @Darius: Nah, it's real. The one about Goldblum is a hoax but Jackson really is dead now.

      He did some nasty things in real life, but to die suddenly and the cause still not know is pretty harsh.

        What nasty things did he do? Nothing was ever proven and I don't think he was guilty at all. The guilty ones are the parents that used their kids to make a buck. Michael gave so much, he sang about healing the world. He will forever be the king of pop.

        R.I.P MJ

      Fuck you Darius! You're probably some 14 year old who doesn't know anything about the classics! As for the rest of you...we'll always have Thriller...

      R.I.P MJ

        Good on ya, Brady. Didn't know that MJ had a fan base amongst bogans.
        And you are right he will be missed - he touched so many people.

    that sucks

    R.I.P Michael Jackson. Respect.

    I loved the Moonwalker games on the MD and the arcade. I was also lucky enough to see MJ in Sydney when I was 15. He will be missed by millions, RIP MJ

    PS Brady, well said!!!

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