Michael Jackson R.I.P.

We should all download this and play it today.


    RIP MJ... Although he was a weirdo, he was an amazing singer!

      With constant pressure from your father since you could walk, and without a normal childhood, you'd be lucky to not be somewhat weird.

      But yes, R.I.P.

    His (older) music was unreal... the basis of his stuff has influenced so many bands/singers around now.

    Take a Q-tip track that I am loving at the moment called Move:

    Original J5 song:


    As sampled by Q-tip....


    .... Which pulls cues from MJ's film clip Rock with you.


    RIP MJ..

    I used to play the Moonwalker coin-op in the arcade back in the day when it first came out. It was totally awesome! You could moonwalk your enemies hella-far! heheh..

    As my tribute, Here is Lego-Thriller:


    Wow, I actually own a copy of this from way back in the day. I remember it being quite a bit of fun. I mean, how badass do you have to be to be able to dance your enemies to death? Pretty damn badass, if you ask me.

    RIP Michael Jackson

    May your memory live on forever

    They need to release moonwalker on xbla, psn and wii store to raise funds for him.

    Wow just wow. When I was in year 1 my friend came round and brought this game to play on my mega drive. I remember being pretty weirded out at the time by the sheen insanity of what I saw. Watching this merely increases my weirded out feeling. Still, at least it shows Vin Diesel wasn't the first celebrity to use a video game to express their enourmous ego. I do like the smoove criminal midi though.

    A re-release of this over LIVE and the PSN. Would sell like crazy atm. I remember playing it as a kid it used to kick ass.

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